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book series volume 1 - 20

Vol. 1: Unveiled Mysteries by Godfre Ray King volume 1

This Book is a record of the author's Experiences beginning on the side of Mount Shasta with the Ascended Master Saint Germain, in the order in which the events occurred, in Words that convey the feeling of the Experiences. Customer reviews »

Softcover $14.95
Hardcover $27.95
Audio CDs $32.95
Cassettes $49.95
Vol. 2: The Magic Presence by Godfre Ray King volume 2

This Book contains the author's second group of Experiences with Beloved Saint Germain. These Experiences were the result of his applying the Knowledge he had previously learned, as described in Unveiled Mysteries. Customer reviews »

Softcover $22.95
Hardcover $29.95
Audio CDs $34.95
Cassettes $54.95

Vol. 3: The "I AM" Discourses by Saint Germain volume 3

These original thirty-three Discourses were dictated by Beloved Saint Germain over the Visible Light and Sound Ray. The sound of His Voice was physically audible to everyone in the room and at times His Tangible Presence was visible. Customer reviews »

Softcover $22.95
Hardcover $34.95
Audio CDs $34.95
Cassettes $64.95
Vol. 4: Ascended Master Instructions by Saint Germain volume 4

This series of twenty-eight Discourses by date precede the Discourses in Volume 3. They are presented in the straightforward simplicity with which they were dictated from the Manuscripts of Mr. and Mrs. Guy W. Ballard.

Hardcover $27.95
Audio CDs $32.95
Cassettes $59.95

Vol. 5: "I AM" Affirmations, Adorations by Chanera volume 5

This Book is given to the public with the Decree that: "All who read and use these Commands shall be held by the Love of the 'Mighty I AM Presence' in conscious communion with that Master Presence of Light within themselves."

Hardcover $24.95
Pocket $14.95
Vol. 6: Ascended Master Discourses by Ascended Masters volume 6

These Discourses, by various Ascended Masters, dictated in Words of Living Light through Mr. G.W. Ballard, are given to the public in the same phraseology as the Students heard them, for they were conversations to help the Students solve their problems.

Hardcover $27.95

Vol. 7: Ascended Master Light by Cosmic Beings volume 7

Each of the Discourses in this Volume carries a distinctly different Radiation and Feeling to the Student and reader, by the Ascended Master whose words they are, if all who hear and read them will accept and expand the Blessing and Perfection with which they are charged.

Hardcover $32.95
Vol. 8: "I AM" Discourses by Great Divine Director volume 8

The Great Cosmic Being, the Great Divine Director, is offering every possible help to the people of America and the world who want Freedom and Divine Justice to be the governing Authority to the people of the Earth.

Hardcover $29.95

Vol. 9: "I AM" Discourses by Mighty Victory volume 9

This Book is given to mankind as God's Way to live Life. Every Word which the Ascended Masters speak is a "Cup" of Their Pure God-Energy, Light, Substance, Power, and Qualities, and are powerfully charged with Their Ascended Master Feeling and Consciousness.

Softcover $24.95
Hardcover $32.95
Vol. 10: "I AM" Discourses by David Lloyd
volume 10

These Discourses contain the Experiences of Beloved David Lloyd as he gained the Victory of His Ascension on the side of Mount Shasta, California. We pour to Him our deepest love for this Explanation and His Radiation.

Hardcover $29.95

Vol. 11: "I AM" Discourses by Saint Germain volume 11

These Discourses were dictated through the Accredited Messenger, Mr. G.W. Ballard, to the Minute Men of Saint Germain. Each contains the code of conduct for personal living and business which will bring Freedom indescribable, as each begins to apply the Ascended Masters' Teachings for personal and professional illumination and success.

Hardcover $29.95
Vol. 12: "I AM" Discourses by Saint Germain
volume 14

These Discourses will greatly assist the "I AM" Ascended Master Youth to the Victorious Fulfillment of their Divine Plan for our Blessed America and the world. Beloved Bob's Obedience is an Inspiration to all.

Hardcover $27.95

Vol. 13: Beloved St Germain Talks by Saint Germain volume 13

The magnificent Instruction by Beloved Saint Germain answers many questions of interest to all mankind. It represents the Original, Permanent, and Highest Source of the Ascended Masters' Instruction on the Great Laws of Life as first offered to the western world.

Hardcover $27.95
Vol. 14: "I AM" Discourses by Mighty Elohim
volume 14

This Books contains fourteen Discourses; two each, by the Seven Mighty Elohim, the Cosmic Creators of this System of Worlds. They are known as the "Seven Builders around the Throne." May you be blest by Their Instruction.

Hardcover $27.95

Vol. 15: Ascended Masters on Angels by Ascended Masters volume 15

This Book of Discourses by various Ascended Masters through the Accredited Messenger, Mrs. G.W. Ballard is a beautiful tribute to the Great Angelic Host. To the various Angels, always with us, we accept You into our physical lives as we give conscious recognition to You through these Discourses.

Hardcover $29.95
Vol. 16: Archangel Michael Speaks by Archangel Michael volume 16

These Discourses are a tribute to the Great Angelic Host. Beloved Archangel Michael awakens mankind to various Activities of the Hosts of Angels as they minister to mankind.

Hardcover $27.95

Vol. 17: Beloved Master Jesus by Jesus Christ volume 17

This Book is a gift to Beloved Jesus the Christ and presents more of His Instruction before mankind. Beloved Jesus says: "My choice of experience 2000 years ago was to set the example which every individualization of God would, and must sooner or later follow."

Hardcover $29.95
Vol. 18: "I AM" Discourses on America by Ascended Masters volume 18

This Volume is dedicated to Beloved Saint Germain and His Beloved America. Each Discourse contains Instruction on America, the Cup of Light to the world, and gives the reader insight as to why the Laws of Life came forth in this Country

Hardcover $27.95

Vol. 19: "I AM" Discourses on Supply by Ascended Masters volume 19

This Volume contains twenty Dictations by the Ascended Masters offering insights into the activities of supply, the blessings the Masters are constantly bestowing on us. This hardbound volume of 432 pages is printed in violet ink and bound with a green cover and gold leaf stamping.

Hardcover $29.95
Vol. 20: Gods of the Mountains by Ascended Masters volume 20

The "I AM" Discourses by the Gods of the Mountains—the Beloved God Meru, the Beloved God Himalaya, the Beloved God of the Swiss Alps, and the Beloved God Tabor. This Book offers insights into the Infinite Blessings of the Mountain Ranges of the world.

Hardcover $29.95

Plastic Book Cover plastic cover

Plastic book cover for Saint Germain Series Books, Decree Books and Song Book. Fits books 5.5 x 7.75 inches; adjustable width.


Entire Series: Volumes 1 through 20
book series

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